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Marjan Booy

Vocal Vibration:
The eternal movement of things:
In our body, us being given the chance to participate,
the voice takes the opportunity: to be heard as who we are,
with everything through us.

Much 'Beautiful Noise' as inspiration ...!

Vocal vibration : Beautiful Noise!

Lessons Voice and Sound

'Slow Singing 'as in' Slow Food ':
the voice, as it occurs,
ourselves the instrument;
the origin of all music.


Vocal Vibration - Singing down the bones; Practice in holistic singing

Singing, although hard and
often repetitive, but generally
speaking unintelligibly in
Italian (gleeful) or German (sorrowful).
One answers this most finally
by clapping the inner sides of
ones hands against each other forty times,
and after that leaving the space as soon as possible.

Hugo Brandt Corstius.

Workshops, lessons and experiences for groups and individuals suitable for schools, choirs, children and grownups purpose: ear- /voice training, recovery, fun, team-building, communication, inner-strength, pregnancy and more

Who: Marjan Booy
Singer/ Voice Pedagogue
also nurse for people with a mental deficiency, teacher in kindergarten-elementary school, mother

Where: Karhuntie 13 , Haukivuori-Mikkeli
place of choice

How: Voice and Body Singing Bowls, Tanpura

Why: because it is good

for whom: everybody