Vocal sounds and vocal vibration.


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Marjan N W C Booy e.v. de Croon
Born in Rotterdam February 9, 1956
Marjan Nicolette Wilhelmina Carolina Booy
Dutch nationality

Since August 24, 1988 married to Henk de Croon
Since 20 October 1990 for the pope and church really connected with Henk de Croon
since February 6, 1989 mother of Susanna Elisabeth de Croon
since December 12, 1991 mother of Jonathan Johan de Croon

Since 2010, besides living in Netherlands also living in Finland

address in the Netherlands
St. Josephstraat 4
5017GH Tilburg
(+31) (0)13 5367589
(+31) (0) 6 44357106

address in Finland
51600 Haukivuori / Mikkeli
(+358) (0) 4 65886787




High School Atheneum HAVO Chr. Maarten Luther School in Rotterdam/ HAVO Chr. Maarten Luther School in Rotterdam
MAVO Zuider-MAVO Rotterdam, in


followed by the MAVO diploma


Training for the Mentally Handicapped in nursing care at the Dr. Mr. Willem van den Bergh Stichting Noordwijk-Binnen


followed by the Z-A degree, in


Preliminary dance expression at the Theater School in Amsterdam


Education as a kindergarten teacher DE Voorpostn Rotterdamin Rotterdam
A Kindergarten Education Degree 1979
B Kindergarten Education Degree 1980


teaches painting and drawing to young children under the indirect supervision of Marja de Jong


training at the Institute for Aesthetic Education in Rotterdam Zuid


Application for Course Fully qualified teacher in Primary Education at De Voorpost Rotterdam Rotterdam


diploma fully qualified teacher in primary education


MuziekheilkundeHealing Music Education Science) en(Healing Music Education Science) en Bewegingsleerand Kinesiology) by(and Kinesiology) by mrs.aulaPaula Kassel-Kroon in Vlaardingen-Kroon in Vlaardingen

work experience


working in nursing at the Dr. Mr. Willem van den Bergh Stichting Noordwijk-Binnen


family and farm assistance to famanvan Roon, Ottoland Alblasserwaard Zuid Holland


Painting classes for children aged 2 to 10 years under the supervision of Marja de Jong,
teacher of painting / drawing and didactic painting / drawing
at the Voorpost in Rotterdam


Outdoor Vendor for Bakery Dokman Dordrecht
also works as a nursing assistant in demented elderly in Dordrecht


Worked in the Protestant Christian Kindergarten in Breda
kindergarten Kleuterschool de Duikelaar
Elementary school Basisschool Ichtus
Elementary school Basisschool Koningin Wilhelmina


I worked as a teacher / singer / voice teacher for groups and in individual lessons at home and on location.
I also worked in workshops.


Active member in prof/semi professional choirs
Opera in Ahoy
Brabant Choir
Coach Louis Buskens
Piano Ben Martin Weyand

vocal education


Preliminary training Solo Singing and Vocal music Teacher at the Brabant Conservatorium in Tilburg


Vocational training Solo Singing and Vocal music Teacher at the Brabant Conservatorium in Tilburg


graduation + diploma, at the Brabant Conservatorium in Tilburg

At the conservatory, I followed during the preliminary training for the solo singing lessons with Marianne Klep, Choir class with Martien van Woerkom.
At the conservatory I attended Solo Vocal techniques with Hans Smout during the vocational training classes.
Solo Vocal interpretation with Bernard Kruyssen and Meta Bourgonjen
Choir class with Kees Rotteveel and Hoite Pruiksma

workshops and masterclasses
Danny Becher overtone singing - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Indian Bells - Gongs
Rebecca Stewart Dowland and Purcell
Rebecca Stewart Professional Stage Behavior
Mark Deller English Renaissance polyphonic vocal music
Paul Hillier English Renaissance polyphonic vocal music
Bernard Kruyssen The French song in the Romance
Bernard Kruyssen Group des Six
Mrs. van Dooremalen Drama Presentation
Willem Artsz Interaction Drama

classes and workshops in experimental use of voice and music
Jody Gilbert
Meredith Monk
Borg Diem Groeneveld

Frans van Hoek

lessons Dhrupad singing and tanpura
Marianne Svasek teacher at the academy for world-music and -dance: Codarts in Rotterdam

modal Technique days in the synagoge in Tilburg
Rebecca Stewart Modality, Modal Technique / Gregorian Chanting
Maria Wieggers Movement and posture method Dixhoorn,
Maria Wieggers Singing Lessons Modal music - Gregorian Chanting
Iris Pattijn Overtone Techniques

singing from graphical notation
During Festival Traces of Voices: Neue Vocal Solisten, Vocal Lab Amsterdam
On the occasion of a workshop for potential choral conductors from Stichting Le Pavillon, from work of Daan Manneke, Ton de Leeuw

1994 Diploma in Solo Vocal Music Teacher at the Brabant Conservatorium in Tilburg
1982 Fully qualified teacher Elementary Diploma
1980 B Kindergarten Education Act
1979 A Kindergarten Education Act

1975 Z-A diploma

1972 MAVO diploma

From 1990 I worked as a teacher / singer / voice teacher for groups and in individual lessons at home and on location.
I also worked in workshops.

1995/2011 Active member in prof/semi professional choirs
Opera in Ahoy
Brabant Choir
Coach Louis Buskens
Piano BenBen Martin Weyand

Opera in Ahoy
Peter Kroone production
Bernard Broca direction
Roberto Paternostro orchestral and choral conductor
Bizet's opera Carmen
Verdi's opera Aida
5 years opera in Ahoy compilation

Brabant Koor
Der Fliegende Holländer, Wagner,
Opera in the context of the Zeeland late summer festival, performed on site in Terneuzen
o.l.v. Ed Spanjaard

Brabant Koor
For Stichting Stabat Mater in St.Pieterkerk in Oirschot, Noord-Brabant
2000 Stabat Mater Haydn, Poulenc conducted by Marc Soustrot
2002 Stabat Mater by Dvorak conducted by Jan Willem de Vriendt
2006 Stabat Mater Schubert, Rheinberger, Cornelius conducted by Fabrice Bollon
2009 Stabat Mater Nysted, Howels conducted by David Atherton

Brabant Koor concert performances
conducted by Alan Buribayev: Ludwig von Beethoven -9th symphony
Arnold Schoenberg -Friede auf Erde
conducted by Louis Buskens: Johannes Brahms -Ein Deutsches Requiem (with 2 pianos)
Gabriel Faure -Requiem
conducted by (Sir) Richard Hickox: Claude Debussy -Trois Nocturnes
Holst -The Planets
conducted by Vladimir Jurowsky: Gustav Mahler -Das Klagende Lied
conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw: Igor Stravinsky -Symphony of Psalms
Merlijn Twaalfhoven -Verdwenen
conducted by Roger Niesen: de Boer -Cantica Aviditatis
de Haan -The Book of Urizen
conducted by Christoph Poppen: Ludwig von Beethoven -Elegischer Gesang
Johannes Brahms -Altrapsodie
Felix Mendelssohn -Hymne
Guiseppe Verdi -Quattro Pezzi Sacri
conducted by Christopher Seaman:Ralph Vaughan Williams -Hodie
conducted by Etienne Siebens: Petrassi -Noche Oscura
conducted by Ed Spanjaard: Holst -The Planets
Gabriel Faure -Requiem
Alfred Schnittke -Faust Cantata
conducted by Jacques van Steen:Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -Davide Penitente
conducted by Klaas Stok: Johannes Brahms -Ein Deutsches Requiem (with organ)
conducted by Marc Soustrot: Johannes Brahms -Ein Deutsches Requiem (with orchestra)
Claude Debussy -Trois Nocturnes
Duruflé -Requiem
-Quatre Motets sur les Parisiens Thèmes Gregor
conducted by Arjan Tien: Carl Orff -Carmina Burana
conducted by Jos van Veldhoven:Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -Mis KV 427
conducted by Jan Willem de Vriendt: Joseph Haydn -Schöpfung
Georg Friedrich Handel/Mozart -Messiah
conducted by Jaap van Sweden: Dvorak -Mass in D
Gustav Mahler -2nd Symphony
Guiseppe Verdi -Requiem

With Merlijn Twaalfhoven, composer and pupil of teacher-of-composition Daan Manneke,
I participated in several of his projects.
Merlijn, among other things, exercised his projects as a result of his artist-in-residence period in the Tilburg orchestra.
But also in small concerts at the start of special events.
He utilized the voices and songs of people from the Middle East, Morocco and Central Europe.
Drinking-songs, folk-songs from different times and cultures, famous arias, medieval vocal play
sung clusters....all kinds of a wide range of vocal traditions were used, also experiments with all types of sound and extension to all the senses of both participants and listeners.

For secondary school children I worked with Merlijn in 'La Vie sur Terre ".
To this I worked as a professional singer and as a primary teacher.
Merlijn gave you a fee if he had the means and money to do so.
Alternately, the work was voluntary or paid.

From late 90's to 2010
I was a reader attached to Dedicon Studio, formerly the studio for audiobook Le Sage ten Broek, books for people who read differently ("anders lezenden").
The repertoire includes Literary thrillers, novels, children's books, informative children's books, cookbooks and short stories.
Particularly was 'Sermon to the crocodiles'(Preek tot de Krokodillen) of the Portuguese psychiatrist / novelist: António Lobo Antúnes. A book designed as a novel,
where 4 very different women do their reporting on the horrors around the Carnation Revolution. The book is even more intrusive because no punctuation was used.
Also notable was "Encyclopedia of the snow 'by Sarah Emily Miano, a novel designed as an encyclopedic work (with many footnotes and notes) about which concepts are explained by pages, full of long poetic prose, but also through songs, quotes and advertising.
It was voluntary;
the application for the job was tough as the entrance exam for the academy:
As a reader one must have:

but also the power to read out loud without annoying noises such as swallowing, smacking lips, heavy sighs or breathing......etc.

2009 I became a volunteer at Bloesem .
Bloesem  is an open house for foreign women in Tilburg Noord.
Naïma Boukou has therefore taken the initiative:
the level of violence in the district did her desire for a different way of dealing with each other:
exploit and share the large cultural differences as a source of wealth instead sharing irritation.
Classes are in Bloesem , there are mornings info on healthy living,
there is cooking, eating together, partying and drinking coffee.
For many women, Bloesem  proved important, a place of orientation, comfort and coziness.
My job was singing with the women and often with the children accompanying them.
I taught the women Dutch songs (so they could sing along with their children)
I tried to make them sing their own songs. It is their cultural heritage. which
in times of problems and worries is so easily neglected.
It turned out that (bad/naughty) love songs and lullabies were favorite;
if they loosened, it was with much laughter and sharing memories;
you saw the women become stronger, the genius in an environment that theirs (yet) was not.
The singing opens, sometimes only after weeks or months, emotions:
accumulated grief, loneliness and fear.
The women have suppressed their emotions: to not be vulnerable.
These oppressed emotions are probably the cause of many ailments that these women suffer.
Since 2010 Marya, Naima and I are also directors of Bloesem -StichtingLef.
Bloesem  works almost without subsidy and the women themselves generate an income to help it survive.
Jamilla: "Bloesem  is my life, my medicine."

In Finland I got the chance to be active in music:
Saksala Art Radius gave me the opportunity to participate in workshops in Educational Symposia:
Subjects were:

The many forms in which the exclamation "Hallelujah" is forceful

Together with Henk de Croon, there were concerts Juva, Haukivuori and Mikkeli

In 2011 I coached the choir of Haukivuori
also weekly people came to my home to practise Finnish folk songs together.

hobbies and interests
All ethnic groups;
the way people live their lives:
their history, religion and religious expression,
their language sounds and language habits, their music ,
the way they dress and live,
the way they eat and how they prepare the food,
how they feel and handle the environment .....
I like to read and write.
Language has my interest.
I like to cook and eat.
Everything related to food has my interest;
Also the cultivation thereof,
So I like gardening.
I love to make things from natural materials.
Geer Pouls, flower artist/performer,now living in Berlin, taught me how to experiment with plants,flowers and natural materials.

I control the English reasonably well.
I can express myself orally and in writing
and I can communicate well in that language.
I control the German reasonably well, but less than English.
I understand the Latin languages superficially,
I do a bit in French make myself intelligible.
On my, still very modest skills in Finnish, I work.
I desire to know me being able to express myself in that language ;
more: to be able to communicate .
From my mother tongue, Dutch, I think,
I released an excellent management.

perception and motivation

'in the pursuit of knowledge:
everyday something is added.
in the pursuit of enlightenment:
everyday something is dropped.


I believe in the voice as given to us by nature.
Unless there is a serious deficiency ,
it is, I believe, possible for anyone to sing.

Our voice deserves care and respect.

Singing is not limited to the larynx; the whole body sings.

Not only the ear, all senses are involved when one sings.

The real voice is more audible as we are less concerned with ourselves.

The voice is as personal as a fingerprint.

Through singing, the mind gets cleared.

In order to make music,(with any instrument whatsoever) it is important that people get familiar with the music of their own voice.

Singing is a language, it expresses itself in from there.

The sound of a choir singing is more attentive than the sum of its parts.

In singing the incomprehensible can be understood.

Singing makes us great beings: feet on the earth, head in the sky.

The freedom to sing in the voice, makes ourselves understood to ourselves.

Children, that receive education with music and singing, is thereby given an increasing possibility of taking in other materials.

Singing combines energy, within yourself, within a group.

Through singing, one is no longer alone.

Singing connects us with those things that fall outside the ego.

To make music, one must listen.